Christmas letter 2006

My Name is Charlie!

Hi! Many of you don’t know me. My name is Charlie (after my grandpa Bruce Charles Bjorke). I also go by “Charry,“ and “Buddy.“ I was born on August 24. I missed most of the summer but mommy says it was hot, hot, hot! I guess my coming was a big deal. We got lots of presents and our neighbors and friends at church made meals so my mommy wouldn’t have to. She really liked that. I have two sets of grandmas and grandpas who came from a long way just to see me. And my Aunt Lora stayed with us when I first got home from the hospital. Avery said she had a lot of fun playing with her and gramma and papa. In October, all 3 of my mommy’s sisters came to visit with their families. It was the first time all the sisters and their husbands were together. And to think I made it happen!

I like my new home. I have a big sister who loves me a lot. She’s always getting in my face to say “hi“ and give me hugs and kisses. She likes to tickle, too. But just between you and me, she’s not very good at it. She makes me smile other ways, though. She has some neat tricks. There’s one where she disappears and reappears in an instant right in front of me! Then she says, “Peek-a-boo!“ and laughs. Avery can do a lot of stuff that I hope she will teach me someday. She knows lots of words! I also can’t wait until I can get my hands on her toys. That’s going to be fun! She especially likes the ones with lots of pieces to collect–and she wants them all. I have to admit, she does share a toy sometimes–for a couple minutes, then she wants it back.

I did miss Avery while I was in the hospital the week of Thanksgiving. I don’t remember much since I was sleeping through it but mom says it was emotionally stressful. I had craniosynostosis (mommy had to spell it out for me and I can’t pronounce it!). It basically means a seam in my skull fused too soon. It was a rather simple surgery to fix it, but I’ll have a kickin’ scar on my head. Mommy thinks that’s gonna keep me from shaving my head some day. We’ll see.

I’ve got mommy on a pretty regular schedule. I usually get her up once a night. Then, we do the eat-play-nap repeat cycle until bedtime. Occasionally, I get bored during the day and might take a little nap but I try to keep those short so mommy doesn’t think I’m ignoring her. Daddy is a lot of fun, too. He disappears for most of the day though. Mom says he’s at work but I think she does a lot of that, too, so I am not sure why he has to go to “Knowles“ to do it. Daddy has a good friend there so I suppose he wants to keep him company. But, we get to spend a lot of time with daddy when he is home. That’s when mommy seems to disappear! I think daddy’s going to be famous soon because his name got on a “patent.“ He says his job is changing a little though because they transitioned some of his tasks to new employees in someplace called China.

Mommy and daddy also spend a lot of time in the first floor bathroom … I don’t know what the big deal is, it didn’t even have a sink until about a month ago. Avery says last spring it didn’t even have walls! Imagine that. There also was some stuff Avery says she did before I was born but I’m sure it wasn’t any fun without me.

Most important: Merry Christmas! While we eagerly wait to celebrate Jesus’ birthday this year, Avery hopes to be the one to blow out the candle on the cake, and I just hope there is lots of crinkly wrapping paper!


Charlie (and Matt, Sara & Avery, too)


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