Where are you?

My daughter is 3 1/2 so we have our fair share of screaming in the house. Just this morning, she was running around her room naked, throwing a tantrum because she wanted to wear underwear instead of a pull-up—a consequence for lapsing in her potty training. After telling her repeatedly “no,” and listening to her nonsensical screaming, I finally said “I don’t need to listen to this” and hid in my room. Literally. I dove under the covers in my bed and closed my eyes. She panicked of course, first because I left and then because she couldn’t find me. As she screamed “Where are you, mommy?” I did start to feel a little guilty. But just then I was having a revelation. That’s exactly what I do with God sometimes. I guess I can throw a pretty good tantrum, too. And then I wonder why it seems like He’s not there to help me. But He doesn’t want to listen to anyone whine and carry on any more than I do.

So, how can I apply what I know about parenting to my relationship with God? When I don’t get my way, what should I do? I suppose I need to let Him know in a respectful way that I don’t like the way things are (or seem to be). I mean, that is okay, but then, quite frankly, I need to accept they way things are and move on. Sometimes all He has to say is, “Because I said so.” And that’s that. That’s all it should have to be. I’m trying to teach my toddler her response to any request or command should be “Okay, mom.” So, mine is now, “Okay, Father.” Or, I can ask Him to change my situation and believe that if it’s His will, He will. He has my best interest in mind so I can know that no matter what, He’ll give me the strength to get through any “unfair” circumstances in life. But it could be a while before my brain tells this to my heart. I ask God now for patience and acceptance of any situation. In the meantime, He’s got His work cut out because I can be a toddler at heart.

Even though I may have times I feel God has turned His back on me, He’s always there, waiting for a tender moment, like when my daughter finally lifted the sheets and, stifling her tears, softly said, “Mommy?” Unlike me, a mom who may be at her wit’s end in a moment’s notice, God is strong. He will never leave me or forsake me. He is and was and is to come. When I remember that, my relationship with God can be made stronger if I simply come humbly before Him when I feel like throwing a tantrum.

” ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8.


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