On cloud nine

I am fascinated by a new “superfruit” that has been appearing in a lot of different places (first on PBS’ Scand Cook and now in cosmetics, too). The cloudberry, also known as the “Nordic Orange,” is a golden-yellow fruit rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen, moisturize and brighten the skin. Cloudberry seed oil contains essential fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6 (linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid), antioxidants, carotenoids and phytosterols. Together these can protect skin from radical damage and enhance regeneration. It also smells good, so they say!

Finnish brand Lumene prominently features cloudberry seed oil in its Vitamin+ Radiant C-Energy Age-Defying Intensive Care. Available at CVS in the US, the face cream is Lumene’s best-selling skin care product in Finland, according to its web site. The natural oil within helps protect the skin from free radicals and external environmental damage—UV radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke and stress. It was listed among Britsh Vogue’s 2007 top cult beauty products from all over the world.

[Edited to add 10/22/07: My friend Jen told me about her trip to Finland, where she actually had the opportunity to go cloudberry picking. Here’s what she said:

They are VERY expensive berries to buy already picked but with good reason. One berry grows on a single plant, in marshy, swampy areas that are infested with mosquitos. The plants grow very close to the ground, so you are wading around with her boots on in the muck, getting chowed on by mosquitos, searching for berries that grow one per plant, and not in patches … sound fun?

They only grow wild in Finland and our friends who are native pick them every year for extra money. In Finland, there is no such thing really as “no trespassing” so you can go all over the place looking for them. It doesn’t matter if it is someone else’s property.]

A bit pricey for me, but it sounds delicious!


One thought on “On cloud nine

  1. That Lumene stuff–esp. the stuff in the orange packaging–is really great! I shipped a ton of it home from Finland before realizing I could find it at CVS. On a separate note, the Finns make a marvelous cloudberry liquer that you can mix with sparkling wine …

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