Wordless Wednesday: That’s my boy!


I had the kids bathed and dressed, except Charlie’s shoes, and hair cut for his one-year pictures. But while I was on the hunt for the matching shoes–which I never did find, he climbed the stool in the kitchen and bonked his head on the hardwood floor. A huge bump on his head! *sigh* Had to take the pictures anyway (it’s just as well, this is what he looks like most of the time so it’s true to history)! You can see how cooperative he was, too.


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: That’s my boy!

  1. Nathanael was the same way. I scheduled and rescheduled his pictures many times for his 12mo and 18mo pics. He would be fine until the day before, when he would scratch his face or get a bump on his head! Ahhhh…the life of boys! =)

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