Family Fun Friday: Placemats

0710-001.jpg0710-002.jpgHere is an easy, cheap project you can do with your preschoolers that you can tailor to any season or event. Beforehand, I cut out pictures from magazines (lots of them so she can choose which to use).  I wrote her name on a piece of 11×14 posterboard. Then I let her use a glue stick to adhere them to the posterboard. You can use stickers but I think Avery’s favorite part was the glue, once we taught her that it wasn’t to paint with (although that works, too, if she puts glue on the posterboard then sticks the magazine cut-outs on top). When done, take a roll of contact paper to carefully cover it. Be sure to cut it, leaving an inch or so around the edge to secure it.

I let Avery do everything but the contact paper (if the glue is not perfect it’s okay because the contact paper will help hold everything together). I am amazed by parents who take over in projects like this so that they will be “perfect.” But, this is a great project you can do just for fun that they can have complete creative control. Who cares if the pictures are on top of each other or upside down? My daughter was so proud of her placemat when she was finished.

This Family Fun Friday was inspired by my friend Heather who did this at a Harvest party last year.


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