Trick or treat

My daughter had a blast handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters yesterday. She was a little afraid of the those who were “a scary one,” but for those she knew, she would put the candy in the bag. It was nice enough that we were able to hang out in the front yard and play in the leaves while we waited. She would practically screech she was so excited when she saw anyone coming. She’d run in a circle excitedly proclaiming, “We’ve got to put candy in the bag! Lots of candy!” When nobody was around she would say, “I want a lot of kids to come.”

Even more fun for her was getting the candy ready. She just couldn’t believe all the candy we had. Then I let her help me print, cut and tape the verses to the bars. She loves any time she gets to use tape, scissors or glue! We talked about each verse and why we were handing them out with the candy. So, it was a good opportunity to talk about Halloween and our world-view that is different from others.  

When my husband came home from work, we just had a great time as a family outside, talking with neighbors as they came by and enjoying all the creativity in the costumes. One family of friends was our favorite. The girl, who is about Avery’s age, was Dorothy, her little brother, the cowardly lion. And the parents got into it, too: the tin man and a scarecrow! They looked amazing. All in all, our Halloween evening was a safe, relaxed, fun family experience!


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