Amazing Cosmetics … literally

I wrote a feature on the founders of AmazingCosmetics a couple years ago so I was excited to see them in the news again. They recently announced that the brand will launch its most popular product Amazing Concealer in Sephora stores nationwide. Previously available only online and at Ulta, AmazingCosmetics will be displayed in the most coveted spot–the Treat and Conceal end cap. The Amazing Concealer has quickly became a “must have” item. It hides under eye circles, broken capillaries, blemishes and age spots. And a little amount goes a long way. It claims to last a year, and it really does. I finally had to throw mine away a couple months ago and I had it for almost two years (and it’s not for lack of need either). For those of you who know me, you know I am cheap so I am not one to just throw a $40 concealer away without having used it to its potential.

AmazingCosmetics was launched in 2000 by co-founders Lisa Thurman and Sue Katz. They built the brand around the concealer.  Since then, the two Chicago natives have turned their makeup company into a privately owned, retail powerhouse.


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