Charlie’s first words

Well, this blog wouldn’t be worthy of me as a mom if I couldn’t brag about my kids once in a while. Charlie is 14 months and not nearly as advanced in his verbal skills as some, but he most clearly says “hi!” now. I can’t help but mimic him and he’ll repeat himself over and over. It was very sweet this morning because I woke up to him standing next to the bed when he said “hi!” with a smile for the first time. Later today, he gave some strangers who were walking by the house a big grin and “hi!”

He also knows “mama,” which is most often heard when he is crying, and he has repeated “all da [done]” and a “yes-yes”-like sound while nodding his head (usually for more food). But “hi” is the most clear and purposeful speech, making him seem even more like a little boy and no longer a baby, which brings tears of joy and sadness to my eyes!


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