Plugged toilet = spiritual adventure?

We almost had a disaster this morning. The toilet was nearly overflowed. It was clogged so I was avoiding it (I have limited success with  the plunger). But Avery just had to flush it. I thought we’d be okay but I tried to plunge then she flushed again before I could stop her. Yikes! Now the water is slowly but surely … rising! I plunged in a panic to no avail. So, I had Avery grab the phone so I could call my husband–although I really wasn’t sure how he could help me short of coming home to save me from a toilet water flood.

I was throwing everything from around the toilet into the tub to save myself a lot of cleaning. The waterfall was imminent! Before Avery returned from downstairs, I found myself flailing down them to grab some towel rags to soak up the water.  When I returned to the scene, Avery handed me the phone. I began to plunge and dial. By the time I was talking with Matt, it seemed the water had at least stopped rising, but I couldn’t be sure. It was just barely to the edge of the bowl by now–maybe about 1/4″ shy. So, he instructed me to turn the shut-off valve so no more (or very little) water would enter the bowl. Phew! I closed the door and considered the bathroom off-limits.

But, I thought, this was an opportunity to let God be the hero. So, I announced that we were going to pray for God’s help. I returned to the bathroom and grabbed the plunger. And I prayed. Avery asked, “Why you talking to God for?” (I’ll have to work on her grammar another time.) “Because all things are possible with God!” I responded. In the meantime, the curiosity of my 1-year-old was piqued. He was waving his toothbrush and coming dangerously close to the offending toilet. As I was yelling, “Back up, get out!” the toilet gurgled and the water disappeared. It’s (kind of) a miracle! I was able to turn the water back on and we once again had a functioning toilet. Praise God! And so we did ….


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