Wordless Wednesday: “ALEYR”


This is my 3-year-old daughter Avery’s first attempt to write her name. She did the “A” and “V” from memory but needed instruction on the others. Why the “R” is so far to the right, I have no idea. But I thought her effort was cute. Also, the coloring shows quite a bit of her personality. She very much likes to color in the lines, but when it’s time to finish, she doesn’t want to leave anything undone so a quick scribble seems to take care of it.

For more Wordless Wednesday: 5 Minutes for Mom and WordlessWednesday.com.


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: “ALEYR”

  1. Go go go ! Good job!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday! Come on over and visit my blog! I hope you are having a great one! I love getting a laugh out of some of the blogs, it brightens my day!

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