Outside the box

I am an inside-the-box thinker. I tend toward the obvious solution, the one most widely accepted or anticipated. My husband is most definitely an outside-the-box type. That’s what makes him a great engineer. But it also means he gets a lot of eye rolls from me for his ideas.

Not too long ago, he presented his next million-dollar idea. Because I am hearing impaired, I started watching television with the captions on, and now I am addicted. This makes going to the movies increasingly difficult. He suggested glasses that I could wear, somewhat akin to 3-D glasses, where I would be able to see captions displayed on the screen that wouldn’t have to interfere with other moviegoers views. “Ridiculous!” I thought, nobody is going to think that’s a good idea, although I might be willing to try it so that I could “hear” the conversations I often miss on the big screen. 

Not two weeks later, imagine my shock when I heard a  health news update on this very topic on a closed circuit tv while I was waiting at my doctor’s office (for a painstaking hour-plus, with the kids)! Microvision is developing what look like regular sunglasses that allow moviegoers to watch captions on the screen. While their proposal was exciting, it looks like a long period of R&D before their technology can come to fruition.

Long story short, I’m taking my husbands ideas more seriously. They may not be so bad after all!


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