“Ha ha ha” … now that’s funny

Santas in Sydney, Australia, have been asked to replace their traditional “ho, ho, ho!” greeting with “ha, ha, ha!” Read more on Yahoo! The reasons were that it’s offensive to women and could frighten small children. I don’t suppose the booming voice from a friendly male stranger in a bright red suit could have anything to do with it? But I suppose ha is better than hee hee, because that would just be plain creepy. Although I, for one, wouldn’t be appreciative of someone laughing at me. I think the Westaff training people better put additional guidlines on this. What if Santa starts to sound like Nelson from the Simpsons? That might bring tears to the eyes of a few kids.

Besides, there are a lot of things I could think of that are much more offensive to women than this. However, the news also begs the question: What about a new name for … Garden hoes?
Ho Hos?
Hooker Furniture?
Hooker Real Estate?

Anyway, I’m glad to see the US isn’t the only backdrop for pulling crazy stunts in the name of “political correctness.”


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