Book Review: Thanksgiving A Time to Remember

A few  years ago, I was listening to Family Life radio and heard Barbara Rainey being interviewed about her new book. I rarely am captivated enough to actually make a purchase, but this time I couldn’t resist. And I am glad I did! Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember is an excellent opportunity to enrich your family’s awareness of America’s uniquely Christian heritage. It seems there aren’t many historically accurate accounts when it comes to Christianity and faith in America anymore, but you can count on this one. You can read a little or a lot to impact your family of all ages … make it a new family tradition. Or simply put it on your coffee table as a conversation piece. I love this book!

Thanksgiving is a holiday for celebrating faith and family through the story of the Pilgrims’ biblical thankfulness during that first feast. It is a holiday rich with risk and excitement and blessing. Yet it often gets lost between Halloween and Christmas. I think Christians should try to reclaim it! It’s more than food and football (although that makes it great, too)! Anyway, take back what’s rightfully yours and read this book. It also comes with a CD of music suitable for Thanksgiving. I honestly haven’t even listened to it yet but I hope to put it on when we host this year.


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