A month of Thanksgiving

Nov 1: Leftover Halloween candy
Nov 2: My kids being able to sleep anywhere
Nov 3: JC Penny sales and gift card credit
Nov 4: My husband!
Nov 5: Good friends who are neighbors
Nov 6: AWANA
Nov 7: Jumping in the leaves
Nov 8: My daughter putting away and cleaning up her Play-doh 
Nov 9: Game nights (even if I don’t win)
Nov 10: Leftovers!
Nov 11: A happy childhood with a loving family
Nov 12: A night to myself
Nov 13: My daughter learning to write her name (she’s so smart! :)
Nov 14: Weekly lunch with a friend
Nov 15: Finding a Christmas gift you know she’ll love
Nov 16: Two happy, healthy children
Nov 17: Grandma and grandpa coming to visit
Nov 18: A house that keeps me warm (most of the time)
Nov 19: Space heaters and fireplaces
Nov 20: The change in seasons
Nov 21: Lefse–and a fun Scandinavian heritage
Nov 22: Laughing with my sister


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