Potty training independence

Thankfully, I am over the bulk of potty training trauma at my house, at least for my daughter. We’ll start up again when my son is ready in another year or so. I have two friends who are potty training their 3-year-old boys, though, so I get to witness this milestone from a small distance.

Until I’m truly distanced from our potty training debacle, I have only one tried and true tip: Do not constantly ask your child if she has to go potty. Let her make a few messes on the floor (once you’ve established and she understands where she’s supposed to go potty, and there are a lot of methods for that), until she is able to rely on herself to go. My daughter still has a few accidents (number 2) especially at night or naptime, but it is wonderful not having to be responsible for ensuring she goes (with a few exceptions when I know there won’t be opportunity to use a toilet if we are out or something). She’ll get up and run off to the bathroom on her own (or ask me to go with her sometimes), without me having to ask. That’s independence … for both of us.


2 thoughts on “Potty training independence

  1. hey there stranger…yea…i tried that with my daughter and she just lets it fly where ever she feels like it…so she has to have a diapers on her butt at all times…but at least i am not alone!

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