Family Fun Friday: Christmas cookies

Today was our annual Christmas cookie baking day with our good friends. There were three moms and three young girls (as well as a couple toddler boys and one baby!) so we wanted to have them help. This day is more about spending time with friends and having fun while making memories (with flour on your face!) than making perfect Christmas cookies. The yummy treats the girls are able to have fun helping with were:

  • Sugar cookies (kids can help use the cookie cutters then deocrate with sprinkles and candy after they are baked and frosted)
  • Almond bark drop cookies (kids can dump cereal, peanuts, marshmallows into  melted almond bark and use a spoon to drop it onto wax paper to chill)
  • Rolo pretzels (kids can press pretzels into warmed Rolo candies, then lick their fingers when done)
  • Pretzels with almond bark and M&Ms (kids can place M&Ms in the melted almond bark in the middle of the pretzels)


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