The worst Christmas movie ever made

I hate to have to admit it, but I have see a movie that was the subject of ridicule by Mystery Science 3000Santa Claus Conquers the Martians may just be the worst Christmas movie ever made, if not the worst movie … period.

Bad plot, bad acting, bad special effects (well, it is the 60s) and bad writing (writers couldn’t come up with more creative names than Momar, Girmar and Bomar (“mom Martian,” “girl Martian,” and “boy Martian”), and my personal favorite moment–the use of the month of “Septober”) . The sci-fi “adventure” includes a man in a polar bear suit, a “robot” made of a silver cardboard box and a cinematic climax featuring an evil bungling Martian who can’t tell the difference between Santa Claus and the Martian leader’s nutty assistant dressed up as Santa. He is then defeated by a band of kids firing ping pong balls and blowing bubbles at him. It seriously is painful to watch.

But, if you want an uncommon, cheap movie to watch with a group of friends who have a sense of humor, this is it. The film ended with a horendously funny little ditty more annoying than Jingle Bells that has the chorus:

Hooray for Santy Claus!”
(I have to state the obvious just to make sure you don’t miss it: the song spells SANTA but sings SANTY and it’s spelled that way on the screen. That is just precious.)

Need I say more? 


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