What’s your personality type?

I learned a little bit about myself today. I took a personality test based on Myers-Briggs  typological approach to personality. I encourage you to take the test, too, and put a positive spin on some of the aspects of your character that you may have even forgotten about. There’s 72 questions so it takes a few minutes, but the results (using the Kiersey Temperment Web site) are amazing, very detailed and fairly accurate. I found myself to be an Inspector Guardian, sounds official doesn’t it? Like a title. Anyway, check it out for yourself: www.humanmetrics.com


One thought on “What’s your personality type?

  1. I am ISTJ as well (Inspector Guardian)! Although as I answered, I felt an inconsistency in my answers. I have changed (in my age :-)) and am not sure always of my answers.

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