It’s my birthday

Birthdays are fun but they are always a little disappointing. You’d think after 32 years, I would realize nothing miraculous happens simply beacause it’s the day I was born … But, while my husband is always sweet and friends and family make the extra effort to call or spend time with me, somebody needs to tell my kids that they should be extra nice to each other and to me today!

Anyway, I am looking forward to a night without them and a trip to the movies. I am like a little kid at the big screen because it’s such a novelty now that we have two children. When we saw Transformers many months ago, I was in awe of how BIG the sound and colors were on the screen. And even just having the bucket of movie popcorn (with lots of butter!) in my lap is all part of the experience. It helps, I guess, that we’ve been going to the AMC 30 in Barrington, which has extra large theaters and screens with stadium seating and comfy seats. We’ve become so used to renting movies at home that I didn’t realize what I was missing out on. But then I know I didn’t appreciate it so much when we were at the movies every weekend either! So, take a new perspective next time you go, and enjoy it like a little kid would (well, not too little, you don’t want to be squirrly)!


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