Good news/bad news

It was the best day of my life and it was … not so much. For the past five years, I have watched my already decrepit kitchen slowly but surely fall to pieces. We were planning a kitchen redesign three years ago when I was pregnant with our first, Avery. But, when my opportunity to work part-time fell through (or, more accurately, was taken from me), it became financially impossible for us. So, we very sadly put it on the back burner.Now, the rate of deterioration has increased. In the past few months, two shelves have fallen and then last week ….

I noticed one of the drawers in a delicate end base cabinet (which was already being supported by a couple of 2x4s!) was sticking out funny. So, I decided I better not go near it, and showed it to my husband when he arrived home from work. He tinkered with it until I heard him say, “Uh-oh, I guess that wasn’t the thing to do.” And the next thing I know, the entire front face of the cabinet falls off!

Avery is sitting in my lap at the time. When she saw what happened, she waved her hand in the air, slapped her knee and sadly proclaimed, “We have a broken house.” Indeed! I am about hysterical, not sure whether to laugh or cry. I mean, I HATE my kitchen and desparately want a new one, but no level of desire is going to give us the money to do it.

I reorganized the two drawers, which had to be removed because there was nothing to support them anymore, and my husband put a couple flimsy nails in to try to keep the front facing in place–at least temporarily.

And then he finally caves …. he says it’s time. So, I am ecstatic to finally begin this long and excruciating, but very exciting, process of remodeling our kitchen. I hope to have more good news than bad news as I chronical this adventure, but I am sure there will be both along the way!


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