Thursday 13: Reasons my flight was … not fun

My flight home from AZ went pretty well, despite the fact that:

1. I’m sick.
2. Charlie is sick (at some point he threw up–I don’t even know when but suddently there was red, stinky vomit on his shirt).
3. Charlie was cranky and thrashing in my lap.
4. In doing so, he clocked me in the jaw, making it hurt to chew most of the flight!
5. The flight was scheduled during naptime.
6. The flight landed after bed time.
7. We were initially delayed 45 minutes.
8. As we about to board, we were told we’d be delayed another hour (so, we didn’t).
9. All in all, we landed 3-plus hours after our scheduled arrival.
10. I almost missed the flight because we left the terminal for 30 minutes (during an “hour” delay). This added an exciting rush, hearing my named mentioned during a final boarding call, as we flew through security and ran to our gate.
11. We barely ate any lunch and completely missed supper.
12. The kids were both hopped up on sugar, and everything was super sticky (by the time I got home, I had one precious baby wipe left!).
13. Oh, did I mention I was the only adult, with a 3 1/2-year old and a 17-month old?!?

A few things did go right: I stayed calm, cool and collected. Friends and family were praying for me (thanks, Erica!). We continually found new things to do (including running in remote corners the airport; thankfully, it’s small and not crowded). We had an extra seat so we had a row of 3 to ourselves. Charlie actually slept on the plane (and not in my lap), and he didn’t mess his diaper while on the plane. And most important: we had a continual flow of food and snacks! Finally, my husband was there to greet us when we got to the baggage claim area (with food and water, too!). We all were glad to see him.


8 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Reasons my flight was … not fun

  1. My most recent flights were a disaster. I thought we wouldn’t get there — until I sent the Tour Manager to talk to the pilots, who were awesome.

    I can’t imagine if I’d had my kids — who are older — with me. You are amazing for having flown with two littler ones.

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