Greener fragrance packaging

Packaging can be a real waste. How many times have you opened a box within a box or a plastic package within a box, with extra cardboard material inside? This is particularly the case in fragrance packaging. I can understand that the fragrance, usually housed in glass, needs to be protected. However, with consumer awareness continuing to rise, companies are beginning to take some responsibility for their effect on the environment.

Brands like Modern Organic Products and Aveda reinforce an eco-conscious philosophy through their packaging, not just in the colors and labels, but in the materials used. With a diverse range of new sustainable and biodegradable materials that has become available in recent years, the packaging of cosmetics and personal care, including fragrance, finally has a chance to not only look the part but embody a green brand identity, without sacrificing a luxury look. But I believe any brand can make a difference by using some type of premium uncoated paperboard made with post-consumer waste (commonly 80% although some believe the industry eventually will be able to develop a high-quality 100 percent PCW package using a natural binder that allows virgin raw materials to be omitted). Read more about it in GCI‘s February issue.

The “trend” toward sustainable materials has become a necessity, which will lead to further technological advancements for biodegradable packaging that will not sacrifice performance. As consumers, we shouldn’t have to choose between products that do or don’t care about the environment, when options are available. And, for luxury fragrance brands, offering more eco-friendly packaging is a great way to reduce the company’s overall environmental impact and give themselves the opportunity to market an environmental message consumers who are more eco-conscious than ever.


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