Spring hair color 411

DKNYReturn that box of highlight treatment you just picked up from Target (That is, unless you are not a slave to fashion and will just keep doing  what you’ve always done becuase that’s what you do–like me)! Tracey Cunningham, Redken‘s creative consultant for color has the 411 on Spring 2008’s must-have hair color trends straight from the runways and her A-list clientele.  She says trends are transitioning from highlights and focusing on more rich, classic haircolors (yeah!).

Cynthia RowleyClients such as Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Amanda Peet are requesting deep reds, sophisticated browns and authentic warm blonde shades this spring. One of the hottest, easiest cuts to get is still the angle forward, popularized by Victoria Beckham. Inspirations come from runway designers such as Prada, Cynthia Rowley and DKNY, each featuring talented industry leaders who created the fashionable trends with their juxtapose of color and pattern. If you are looking to upgrade your hair color, Cunningham recommends rich, solid tonal colors for spring (usually reserved for fall). Have fun!


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