Lesser-known Missouri

precious.jpgSomebody REALLY wants me to visit Missouri. Maybe it’s me … Somewhere, somehow I must have indicated that I might in some time within my life want to go to Missouri. Our mailbox over the past few weeks has been flooded with tourist information for visiting the state. I don’t know who, why or how, but I do know this: If you ever go to Missouri, here are some potential lesser-known highlights (beyond the Ozarks and the arch!):

Missouri Wineries
Did you know there are more than 50 wineries in the state of Missouri? I certainly did not.

Bissell Mansion Dinner Theatre
Experience the original partipatory comedy/murder mystery in St. Louis’ oldest home.

The Cathedral Basilica
A true architectural and cultrual wonder (within St. Louis!) with more than 83,000-square feet of mosaics.

Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis
You’ll find everything from cute dollhouses to an entire recreated wester town on display.

Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum & Library
By visiting these exciting exhibits and archives you hav ethe opportunity to “explore the powerful decisions of the Truman era.”

Purina Farms
Free admission to pet shows, petting zoo, hand’s-on activities that allow kids to explore animals and their role in our lives, in Great Summit, MO.

The Magic House
This children’s museum in St. Louis is doubling its size for summer 2008.

Sikeston and Miner, MO
“Where cotton is king, rolls are throwed and you are always welcome!”
Apparently this is a town at the intersection of Interstates 55 and 57.

Joplin, MO
This town in the Ozarks of SW MO has all you could hope for: Joplin Museum Complex, Sandstone Gardens, Candy House Gourmet Chocolate (now I’m listening!), The Bridge recreation center, Reptile World Zoo, Precious Moments Park & Chapel (I’m confused, intrigued and a little bit disturbed), Wildcat concervation center and Grand Falls (in case you don’t want to make the drive to Niagara).

Colinsville Catsup Bottle
Technically, this is in IL, but it’s so close to St. Louis, I just had to include it. Stop and see this excellent example of 20th century roadside Americana. It’s on the way!

I’m sure there’s much, much more because the mail doesn’t seem to stop. I don’t think the fun will ever end!


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