Thursday 13: Reasons not to move to AZ

Never say never, right? But sorry, mom and dad, as much as I love you, this list is dedicated to the reasons we won’t be moving to AZ anytime soon:

1. I like grass … and trees.
2. I don’t play golf.
3. It’s hot, hot, hot!
4. I enjoy a change of season (I’m looking forward to the change toward spring right now though!).
5. I’m a big fan of turtleneck sweaters and hoodies.
6. Building snowmen and having snowball fights.
7. Good ol’ sledding.
8. Never been a fan of the Southwestern decor.
9. Cacti can hurt (I know from experience)!
10. Too much stucco.
11. Baseball’s season is already too long without spring training, too.
12. Time change isn’t in synch with the rest of the country.
13. How can I say it delicately? Too many old people.


10 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Reasons not to move to AZ

  1. LOL I am just the opposite, I want to leave the cold and snow for a warm climate. Where I don’t mind playing outside with the kids. I don’t fair well in the frigid weather.(I’m not old).

  2. Hubby and I visited Arizona last spring, and I agree about the heat and the trees for the most part. But we were surprised by Flagstaff. It’s completely different. In fact, it reminds me of Colorado, what with the altitude and the pine trees and the seasons. They even have snow! In fact, we learned that many people from Phoenix have summer homes in the mountains surrounding Flagstaff. We had no idea.

  3. Jeanine: I just don’t get how you play outside, with rocks and dirt for a yard?!?!? The nearly 365-year-round outdoorsy weather, that I get!

  4. Nicholas: Yes, it is a wonderful place to visit, especially considering I have family there! The sunsets and the views are absolutely beautiful.

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