Thursday 13: Pros

For every list of cons, there’s gotta be some pros, right? So, even though it’s not Thursday, I’ll give it a try, by listing 13 reasons to live in Tucson:

1. More sun.
2. Less winter duldrums.
3. My mom and dad live there.
4. My sister lives there, too. And my aunt, plus additional relatives in Phoenix at least part of the year.
5. Free babysitting!
6. Access to pools.
7. Close to fun destinations: Mexico, California, Grand Canyon.
8. Year-round opportunities to be outside, running, swimming, playing.
9. Mountains on 3 sides? Beautiful!
10. Amazing sunsets, too.
11. Less yard work.
12. No shoveling snow, again and again and again.
13. No sweat!


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