Tackle it Tuesday: VOTE!

And I’ll be taking my kids with me so they can see the Democratic process in action. Go Mike Huckabee (endorsed by Sandy Rios here and Gregg Jackson here)!

For a personalized voter guide for Illinois, see Culture Campaign’s web site: www.thevoterguide.org/a-culturecampaign/. This is great because it shows exactly who is on your ballot (enter your zip code) and you can read about or compare candidates. Once you make your selections for each sections, then you can print a summary (there’s always a lot of names and they can start running together when you actually go vote!) to take with you to the voting booth.

[Edited to add: And now I may have proof! A photographer from NW Herald took mine and the kids’ pictures  while voting this morning so it may be in the paper tomorrow. I’ll post it if it is (wow, that’s a lot of two-letter words that start with i, in a row)!



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