A shout-out to my neighbor

My neighbor Bill is the best neighbor I could ask for. He has come to my rescue several times and he did it again today. I had an appointment at Home Depot (another big disappointment by the way, why do they keep upselling me when I tell them cost is a concern?) at 10am. I walk out with the kids all ready to load up and discover my car completely buried in the 10-plus inches that dumped on us yesterday. Matt cleared most of the driveway and figured we could plow our way through. Well, he didn’t have any trouble getting to work, but I got stuck, even after I shoveled quite a bit of what was piled up around the car.

Thankfully, Bill was out about to take his dog for a walk and offered to help. He shoveled snow out of the way, and gave me several pushes, guiding me when to go forward and backward and all that. After 32 winters in Iowa and Illinois you’d think I’d know how to get out of the snow, but I just don’t. Anyway, I am very thankful to him for that and everything he has ever done to help me and my husband.

Bill has always been so kind to lend us tools and manpower for our many projects which we are usually not fully prepared to handle. Usually he insists. He probably thinks we are crazy for half the things we’ve attempted without the proper tools or expertise. But, he’s always very nice about it!

In addition, there was one time I called to borrow who knows what–I have gotten eggs and milk and who knows what else from their kitchen as well–but they didn’t answer so I hung up to call another neighbor (boy, I’m starting to feel like a mooch, but isn’t that what neighbors are for?). He rang my doorbell an hour or so later because he was concerned that I hadn’t left a message and wanted to be sure I was okay. I was almost brought to tears when I thanked him for being so thoughtful.

Being home alone during the day with two kids can be overwhelming at times, not to mention having to worry about something happening to me or the kids, and just knowing that he’s at home (he and his wife work out of their home), willing to help and concerned about my well-being is just, well, extraordinarily neighborly. Thanks, Bill. 

And I shouldn’t stop there because God has blessed us with many people in our neighborhood who are kind, helpful and generous. We’ve made many friends in this old historic district and we’re very thankful for each and every one of them!


2 thoughts on “A shout-out to my neighbor

  1. Hey…don’t forget those of us who aren’t “technically” in the hist. dist. ;-) I hear ya though. I love this neighborhood. You really can count on your neighbors when help is needed. I think this is a huge part of why we want to do an addition and not just move to a new house. Love ya!

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