Tackle it Tuesday: Find an architect

We had a couple contracters come by the house last week to take a look at our proposed addition and to give us quotes. I was very excited to even be talking about the project with people who knew what they were talking about! Unfortunately, it was a bit premature. We need some detailed drawings in order for them to give us more accurate estimates. So, today I’m hoping to make a few calls and see if we can find someone. In the past week, I have asked around and nobody seems to know anyone, which is my favorite way to find a professional. I honestly have no idea what to even look for in an architect. But, I’m going to give it a shot so we can keep making forward progress! To the Yellow Pages …

“For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.” Proverbs 2:10


9 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday: Find an architect

  1. Good Luck with your quest. Have you tried asking the contractors if they have a suggestion? Or maybe contacting a designer or supplier of any of the items for your kitchen? They may have worked with someone that they liked.

  2. I think word of mouth is really the best way. I’d also look anyone you consider up on the internet for complaints.

    Stop by and check out my first Tackle It Tuesday.

  3. Frank,
    Yes, unfortunately the architect who worked with builder we may go with (although no official decision has been made yet) just retired. So, he gave us a name but it’s not someone he feels he can “recommend” since he’s never worked with him. And when I left a message (with the architect), he never returned my call.

  4. Good luck finding an architect! Hope you are happy with the one you find. We have big addition plans too, but can’t afford it yet. lol So, we are building some rooms in our basement in the meantime to give us a little more space until we can afford the real addition.

    We put in bunk beds for our tackle this week :)

  5. Good luck finding an architect. I like word of mouth too. If I was you, I’d get references & also look at plans they have drawn up already & see if you like his/her work. Hope it all goes well.

  6. Hi, Sara,
    I wanted to let you know that Adam and Meg Ludwig, Janet’s son and daughter in law, just started a kitchen and bath remodeling business and they might be just what you need! Shoot me an email if you want their info or if you want me to have them contact you. Hope all is well!

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