Wordless Wednesday: Reading animal books


My daughter received two books about animals, with beautiful full-color, full-page photos of wild animals in their natural habitat, from her grandma for Christmas. She doesn’t often want her brother to read them, so I was quite surprised to find them both on the living room rug, reading together. So cute! Thankfully, they both like to “read” and they really love these books. It’s only been two months and they are starting to look really worn. The smaller book, Baby Animals (Cube Books), is especially cool (unfortunately, the hard binding already separated from the pages, twice!). The pictures are action shots grouped by activity: first steps, family life, play and tricks, warm and safe, primary needs, sleeping, etc. My daughter gets a kick out of the “monkeys in the rain,” and “kitty running!” among many others … more than the standard shots you usually find of wild animals. The other one, Smithsonian Instituion ANIMAL, would be especially good for older kids, although mine still like it. It has more of an encyclopedia feel. Sorry, that was a lot of words for a Wordless Wednesday!

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