Family Fun Friday: Snow crystal catcher

Did you know snow flakes were actually ice and very transparent, not “white” as it appears? Not to mention how each tiny crystal is completely unique. What an amazing God to create beauty in such a tiny bit of nature.

We went to Discovery Days through our county’s conservation district–check it out if you have one in your area for free kids’ educational programs–and learned all about snow and snowflakes. One of the books they showed to the kids I actually thought was really cool. The Snowflake by Kenneth Libbrecht (the author is from North Dakota so he gets bonus points from me since that’s my birthplace) showcases the beauty and uniqueness of individual snow crystals with close up photography.

snow-crystal-catcher.jpgWe also made snow crystal catchers by laminating a sheet of colored paper, which the kids decorated, then glued a piece of black felt onto it to catch the snowflakes. The conservation district also provided magnifying glasses which we tied on with yarn, but you could use any magnifying glass even if it’s not attached. When you are finished, the key is to put the catcher in the freezer before you go out so that it doesn’t melt the snow as it lands on it.

Of course, the most memorable moment for my daughter was the last thing we did: eat powdered “snow” doughnuts!


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