Family Fun Friday: Make-your-own play oven

080213-002.jpgI really wanted a little kitchen for my darling kids, who both love to play with their plastic food, grocery cart and mini pots and pans. But, we just don’t have the space and even the little ones are pretty expensive. So, when I saw this make-your-own oven in Parents magazine, I juust had to try it. I let my daughter help so it’s got a little personality, and she thinks it’s really special. We took a moderately sized cardboard box and I cut off two of the side flaps with a box cutter. I used those to cut out knobs and glued water bottle lids to it. I cut one piece of black construction paper to the “door” and lined the inside with tin foil. I printed oven.jpgoff the computer four “hot” burners and used packing tape to adhere and protect it. Avery colored and glued random bits of cardboard on the side and, for whatever reason, took apart a pen that wasn’t working and glued some of the springs on top.

Bonus: it doubles as a robot!


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