Fun Monday: Mom-Me defined

As host of this week’s Fun Monday, Mariposa wants to know: What’s in a Name and What’s on your Plate!

What’s in a Name?
When I started blogging, I knew I wanted to write about motherhood. I had just recently had a friend, who doesn’t have any kids, tell me I was a “supermom.” My reaction was a weird mix of pride and sadness. I realized I had been successful in appearing like I had it all together but inside all I could think was “if you only knew …” So, I made a decision then to be more transparent. But I also didn’t want to write just about motherhood, because there is more to me than “mama.” It seems me and my mom friends are often talking about how motherhood seems to take over once you have kids, so by some divine intervention I can only imagine, I came up with Mom-Me: a site celebrating the “me” in “mommy.”

What’s on Your Plate?
As for my favorite dish, hmmm, not sure if I can narrow that one down. The one entree I just can’t seem to get enough of is pizza–with lots of cheese and pepperoni and a sprinkle of green pepper. I like my homemade pizza, cardboard pizza, Pizza Hut deep dish pizza (even though they won’t deliver to my house any more!), Alfredo’s thin crust pizza, Georgio’s deep dish pizza, Chicago-style pizza … you name it! Not far behind would be Mexican, tacos with nachos and cheesy enchiladas in particular. You might be noticing a “cheese” theme … that’s no mistake, because I do love cheese. 


5 thoughts on “Fun Monday: Mom-Me defined

  1. I can’t get enough pizza either… or Mexican food.. or Thai food.. or..or..or.

    Cute play on words for your title. I could be Gram-me.
    (My grandkids call me granny when they want me to squirm)

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