Tackle it Tuesday: Thankful list

Part of what is feeding my anger lately is a focus on the negative rather than the positive. So, my assignment this week in counseling is to write a thankful list. I keep putting it off, however, because I have a bad attitude about even that. We have a house and food and clothes … yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. I know what I am supposed to feel, I just can’t seem to feel it.

But I was inspired yesterday. I was looking through some old photos of the house, looking for good outside shots of the front, back and sides for an architect Matt is meeting with tonight for our possible addition/remodel.

Wow! Have we come a long way. I can’t believe our house used to look so sad and dirty and, well, ugly. So, I was humbled in that moment and felt the presence of God’s blessing in our life. Thank you, God, for our house, a place we can call home and that has received a lot of TLC with our personal touch over the past 5 years (actually, I just realized that mid-March will mark our 5th year in the house!).

Now, on to the rest of my list:
2. Two beautiful, healthy, happy children (and they are pretty darn good kids, too).
3. A husband who loves me and his family.
4. My husband’s job that allows me to stay at home with the kids.
5. A career in writing/editing that has enabled me to work even just a little bit from home, and the opportunity to do so recently through my old employer.
6. Family, without a lot of the drama that comes with a lot of families today.
7. Friends. Friends who host monthly game nights and girls’ nights and guys’ nights and have us over for dinner and get together with me and the kids during the day …
8. Two cars, both having been reliable and especially the family car, the one I drive most, which is warm and comfortable and, so far, everything still works.
9. Our Bible study group, which prays for us and helps us to grow spiritually.
10. A faith in God and the freedom to express it, even if it gets less popular in today’s society, and a network to support an encourage me in that faith.


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