Night and day

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how much my two kids are alike or different. My 18-month-old son often mimics my daughter’s behaviour. So, I’m never sure if it’s in his personality. And my daughter often wants to do what he’s doing, too. So, other than the typical drama that comes with a nearly four girl versus a little more aggression from a toddler boy (which sometimes manifests itself in the same tantrum), they seem to have a lot of similarities.

But the differences were obvious yesterday when we went for a walk. It was a fairly nice day and the warmth and sunshine created a lot of puddles on the sidewalk from melted ice and snow. My son was having a grand time walking right to the center of the deepest puddles he could find and not only stomping in them but simply standing in them, allowing the water to soak right in. Whereas my daughter was quite purposely avoiding puddles as best she could. She was actually pretty stressed out about it, when she came to ones that were too wide for her to jump over. So, there you have it! I’m glad to see they are not one and the same.


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