Thursday 13: Uses for Lansinoh

Every mom I know has bought Lansinoh to help with dry, cracked skin while nursing a newborn. That stuff is great! But, a little bit goes a long way so it seems like you can never use it all up. So, here are 13 ideas for your leftover lanolin (it’s pretty versatile stuff):

1. Throw it away. Well, it is an option, right?
2. Donate it. It is expensive. If you aren’t going to use it, somebody can.
3. Save it for your next baby. That stuff lasts forever. I used the same tube for both my kids.
4. Rub it on stretch marks, it’s pure lanolin, so it’s worth a shot.
5. Use it on chapped lips. It’s a great lip balm!
6. Cracked knuckles. I use some when my fingers are cracked and bleeding in the winter, and cover it with a band-aid.
7. General dry skin/elbows. Just be careful since it’s so oily, you want to be sure to cover it so it doesn’t get on everything.
8. Little bloody noses. My son had a bad runny nose and he woke up once with it bleeding. I put some underneath to relieve the dryness.
9. I also used it on the inside of my nose this winter.
10. Over-treated blemishes. I put some on my face when it’s overly dried out. 
11. Diaper rash cream. Never used it for that, but I have it just in case.
12. Burns (according to the package).
13. … And abrasions (also according to the package).


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