Edgy new ‘do

hair_bob.jpgI went back to The Salon Professional Academy this weekend for a trim. My hair was really just too long in the back. I am not sure that it was actually longer than in the front, but it felt like it, and something just wasn’t right. It was very bowl-y and rather matronly looking since I used a round brush when I blow dry it. So, I tell the stylist that and agree to an angle forward. I certainly got what I asked for! Since I wasn’t expecting a 45-degree angle, I was a bit shocked at first! I’ve gotten used to it though, and we’ll see what happens after I style it. It’s definitely more fun and flirty than my last hair cut. 

My stylist, Elise, was very sweet … she thought I was 23! I got highlights last Friday (from a box) so I’m guessing that must have really helped to hide my gray. She could not believe that I was not in school, that I was 32 and that I had two kids. Now, I feel a little bit like a 32-year-old with an 18-year-old’s hair cut, but I am going to enjoy it for now.

And bonus: It was a spring sale so my cut was $5!

[Edited to add 10/20/2008: I had this hair cut for about six months. Except the summer doesn’t count, it was constantly in a pony tail. THe problem with this cut is that it is a lot of work. It takes a long time to blow dry (well, my hair is thick) and most of that is in the back, which is more difficult to do. And after all that work, it didn’t even always look awesome. It was just too much time and effort for it to be mediocre. Then I would end up tucking it behind my ears and that didn’t help either. Anyway, it definitely wasn’t worth it in the summer. It might be a great cut for a someone who works in an office, but with kids, making dinner and cleaning house, it’s just no good. So, I went back this month and got an easier cut that doesn’t look as cool at it’s best, but it looks better more of the time. Anyway, that’s that.]


3 thoughts on “Edgy new ‘do

  1. Hi found you on a google image search, I think I might give this cut a try! I’m 29, I hope I don’t look like a stodgy old drip trying to be cute. It does look great on you, sorry it was so much work.

  2. I took a picture of your hair style to my stylist. I’ve got a nice bob now. Currently, I’m experimenting with curls and roller sets.I’m enjoying it very much.

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