Tackle it Tuesday: March Madness picks

It’s March Madness at our house! Since I can remember, my husband has been printing out NCAA Men’s basketball championship brackets and we both make our picks. I generally base my picks on the … um … name of the school. I tend to like anything with Texas or Kent (Kent St, Kentucky etc) in it. I also read headlines or catch soundbites here and there that will completely influence my choices. Not the wisest move but it gives me some decisiveness! My husband has a binder of “research,” which includes all of our past years’ picks and a bracket with the actual winners. He also analyzes the results of the tourney and does a summary of the upsets by rank and conference (yes, he’s an engineer). Sometimes it’s helpful, but, usually I just get further confused. Honestly, the less I think about it, the better. Neither of us ever really does very well at all so we have been reduced to randomly making selections and hoping for the best. Of course, if we’re right, we did it on purpose. Occassionally I beat him and that really makes it all worthwhile.

As of tonight, I have Louisville beating UCLA in the final game. I’ll let you know how that works out …


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