Obama’s speech: dissenting opinions

Obama indeed waxed eloquent in his official response to his pastor’s anti-America and racial hatred messages from the pulpit. It all sounded really good, almost too good don’t you think? He is good. Well, his speechwriters are anyway. It does beg a few questions, though, at least if you ask the conservatives; the liberal media are eating it up. I honestly don’t know what to think. He certainly made many good points, and I hope he meant what he said and that he said what he meant.

I do believe the heart of the issue is the breakdown of the American family. This is a problem that transends race. The family is a unique and powerful support system, which kids need to grow up with a healthy view of life and to process their inevitable hurts. Teenage pregnancy, absentee fathers and grandmothers raising grandchildren has been shown to lead to poverty, troubled teens and underpriviged kids. Yet, we always seem to fall back on the same rhetoric that enables us to blame everyone else for our situation. Everyone has a choice, yes, not to let their past (or their present) life circumstances take over. Only you decide whether you are happy or sad, gracious or bitter, successful or held back. Every person has emotional, mental, physical or other baggage that he or she can choose to carry through life–or not. But you have to take action, for your own benefit and for the benefit of the future generations of your family.

And I am more convinced than ever that we should be celebrating unity, not diversity. Yet, Obama is condeming racisim and encouring us to keep race on the forefront of our consioucness. Blacks are the ones who talk most about race. And the more we pick at the scab of injustice, the longer the healing process will take.

But that’s just my opinion. Here are additional conservative views from Townhall:

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s Speech Leaves a Few Question Marks
David Limbaugh: Obama Not Yet Out of the Woods
Linda Chavez: Obama Won’t Confront Biggest Problem for Blacks
Patrick J. Buchanan: A Brief for Whitey
Mona Charen: Throwing Grandma Over the Side

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27


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