Project: Jean hem fabric add-on

Final jeans hemI bought a pair of jeans last fall that fit perfectly and weren’t stretch material (I really don’t like stretch jeans, so not flattering! but they are everywhere). BUT, they are a tad too short. I wore them a few times this year but I know I’d wear them more if they were longer. So, finally, I was inspired by my friend Kim who wore a pair of jeans she had doctored up with some beautiful fabric. Her’s was much better done but I was still proud that I had accomplished this feat, so here goes: 


First I cut a 10″ X jean-hem-circumfrance-plus-one-inch strip of fabric and folded it in half to make it 5″ wide, wrong sides together, then sewed the short ends together to make a complete circle. I angled outward a bit to keep the flare going throughout the new addition. My angle was a bit off … you might want to get out a protracter. Ha. I must admit I also had to tear out some stitches because I first sewed the two ends separately, making a very nice rectangle. Oops.


Keeping right sides together, and the unsewn edge aligned with the bottom, I pinned the fabric to the jeans.


Finally, I sewed it on. I learned through trial and error to sew from the inside so I can make a semi-straight line. This way, I could follow the jean hem.

Final jeans hem

Ta-da! After much pinning and sewing and tearing and resewing, here they are! Of course, I still have a bit of tweaking to do. But, it’s a start and a big improvement!


5 thoughts on “Project: Jean hem fabric add-on

  1. Kim,
    Thanks to you for the inspiration! The fabric was actually left over from another project. My mom had given it to me to make a cover for our down comforter. I had to trim the top edge about a foot, so it was the perfect length to work with (and a fun pattern, too)!

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