Bought a faucet on eBay!

There has been little progress on our kitchen project. We do have the permit drawings, however. We are waiting to meet with our contractor (who has a copy of the drawings), the building commissioner and the architect to work out the details. But, we did make our very first purchase! We quickly found the faucet we wanted for the new kitchen perusing the faucets at Menards. We installed Delta oil-rubbed bronze models in both our bathrooms so we wanted to match. We both instantly liked the Saxony, and I especially liked its pull-out spray. Unfortunately, this faucet was more than $300! It was on sale at Menards for $260, but I figured since we had the time I would check out online stores (same as sale price, plus shipping) and eBay. I bid on several and lost but finally was able to get my very own for $202 ($175 before shipping). Still pricey, but it is beautiful! Even Avery was excited when it came in the mail, begging to “build it now!” It will sit for a while, but just to have something physical that’s new and ready for our remodeled kitchen is VERY exciting!

On a side note, I am glad to have gotten a good deal from eBay. I had avoided online auction purchases for a while because it just never seemed to work out in my favor. Selling, on the other hand, is great! We just reached the blue star milestone last week with 50 and have made just over $1,000 since I started selling some of our extra things last fall (including some of Matt’s original G1 Transformers and other 80s toys, which is where the bulk of our profit came from). It’s actually a lot of fun to sell, watching and waiting to see what people will give you for your stuff. It can be nerve-wrecking but not nearly as much so as when winning a bid (at least for me)!


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