Kitchen design review 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am swapping services with interior designer Tricia Nicole Parker, so we met again this week for a kitchen design consultation. I wasn’t excited about the colors we chose (once I hung the larger swatches on the wall) so we went through some other options. I’m looking now at a softer yellow called Blonde (how fitting!), even though what I thought I didn’t like about the previous “gold” choice was that it was too yellow. Go figure. I also decided definitely on the less yellow counter (Light Brown instead of Gold Brown). They both have some yellow in it but the Gold Brown looked dated, like it had yellowed over time (especially next to any of the yellow wall colors), exactly the look I DON’T want; the Light Brown had more white and looked more refreshing and “new.”

Golden oak floors, classic cherry cabinets, Blonde walls and Light Brown Mojave Corinthian counters (Menards)
As an added bonus, Tricia took a look at our architectural drawings and is drafting some alternate ideas for the master bedroom and kitchen. I can’t wait to see what her ideas are!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen design review 2

  1. I haven’t found even a second for the kitchen plans but wondered how that was coming along for you with Neil of Navigator Homes & Kitchens? Have you had a second draft of the upstairs done yet?

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