My baby’s a big boy

My son is almost 20-months-old now, and he seemed to be too big for the crib. Not only does he attempt to climb out of it once in a while, but my duaghter would get in there with him becuase she thought it was cozy, and keep them both from napping. We were planning to get him a twin-size mattress and put it on the floor, like we did for Avery, but a friend offered her toddler bed instead. It was a perfect solution, because he is still a bit young and space is tight since the kids are sharing a room (and it delays the cost of a new mattress until after we do the home improvement projects this year).

I was excited to set up his cute little bed and have him be a big boy. I was not prepared, however, for taking down the crib. It makes sense and we didn’t have room for all three … I was in denial I guess, but I just pictured it all working out. So, I had to hold back the tears as my husband took it apart. I don’t know whether we’ll have more kids but I am not ready to say that I am done … yet.

Anyway, Charlie did great. The first night I had to put him back in his bed a few times as he crawled out. But, I have a big sister helping make sure he knows where he’s supposed to be. :)


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