Go figure

I was at the library today and happened upon a section of books called “Bible stories.” This makes sense and I was glad to find it. BUT, I thought it was odd that Christmas, Easter and other Biblically based holiday story books were there and not with the books on the other side of the room that were grouped by holidays, including Christmas and Easter (as well as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Halloween).

I remember both at Easter and Christmas rummaging through the books looking for stories that weren’t about bunnies and candy, Santa Claus and gifts (and not finding them!). So, now that I know somebody has done the work for me, I don’t mind. But it does make it difficult for people in general to stumble upon a variety of perspectives on the holidays. I guess that’s probably the goal. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t want God or the Bible to have anything to do with our special occasions!


2 thoughts on “Go figure

  1. Oh goodness. They make things too complicated. DO they put everything about Passover and Hanukkah in the Bible story section too? Our library is small and they don’t separate the books like that. They put stickers on the sleeve. A cross denotes Christian books, a Christmas tree, for Christmas, etc. and some books get more than one sticker.

  2. Hmmm … I don’t know. I’ll have to check it out! I was thinking today I need to ask for a map because I honestly don’t understand how everything is organized. I am finding things in different places all the time … For that reason, I will be glad to get back to our much smaller neighborhood library. While Avery’s at Awana, Charlie and I go to the main library on the other side of town. It’s humungous in comparison!

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