Thursday 13: Toddler speak

Charlie’s first words:
1. Mama, now mom-meeeee. Which he uses for every-thing!
2. No. His second most used word. Sigh. Also means yes.
3. Hi! Added with a wave and big smile for extra cuteness. Bye and Nigh’ also have waves and unfortunately both sound like “Hi.” As does “ni-ie” for nice, which he uses while petting whatever he’s supposed to be gentle with.
4. P’eas! Usually with a lot of empahsis: pah-eeeeeeeeas. Unfortunately, this word has digressed into “deeeeeeas.” Includes a sign with one or two hands, depending on how desperate he is.
5. Kitty. Always excited to see the cat.
6. Puppy. Very excited to talk about and see dogs, until they are too close!
7. Owie and Owp, for help. They sound very similar so context is helpful here! Also, owp usually is followed by p’eeeas.
8. Hado. This one is only understandable in context: hot dog.
9. Pobo. Same with pretzel.
10. Popo. If I ask whether he’s got a poopy diaper, he’ll pat it and very softely say “popo.”
11. Daddy. He knows it but he rarely uses it. We’re both mommy.
12. Nani. Yesterday for the first time he called Avery Avee, otherwise it’s usually Nani, which is what he calls anyone except his mama(s). Not to be confused with nandy, a recent addition to his vocabulary for candy.
13. Car. His newest word is a very clear “car.” He can’t get enough! He points to every one we pass in the parking lot and proclaims: Car!


4 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Toddler speak

  1. My oldest daughters first word, at six months old, was light, followed quickly by squirrel. Mommy didn’t come to much later. She was speaking clearly in complete sentences by nine months old and hasn’t stopped in the 23 years since.

    Visiting from Thursday Thirteen

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