Weeds in heaven?

A few days ago, I was pulling weeds from the side of the yard where the grass meets the trail line, putting them in a pile so I could dispose of them later. Avery was “helping” by pulling leaves from the weeds and nearby trees and throwing them into the air.

Avery: Don’t make a pile! You have to throw them to heaven.
Mom: Well, that’s a good idea. But I don’t think there are weeds in heaven.
Avery: Just pretend!
Mom: Ok. [Pause] Where is heaven?
Avery: [Points to the sky]
Mom: And, who IS in heaven?
Avery: Jesus!
Mom: That’s right. Who else?
Avery: Joseph.
Mom: [Suprised] Yes! Jesus’ daddy is in heaven. Anyone else?
Avery: [Pensive] Just Jesus. Just Jesus is in heaven!
Mom: Nobody else? But we can go to heaven, right?
Avery: [Very enthusiastically] Yes!
Mom: How do we get to heaven?
Avery: [Twirling around with arms stretched up as high as she can] We have to fly there!


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