Wordless Wednesday: I don’ wanna Awana

Avery completed her first year of AWANA Cubbies yesterday. There was a short awards program for the parents. As you can see, Avery was very excited to be there. In case you are wondering, no, those are not hand motions that go with the songs the other kids were singing (ok, to be fair, not all the kids were singing but most of them were at least pretending)! It was fun anyway, and Charlie got a great kick out of seeing his sister on stage (and on the big screen during the slide show). And, I hope, it was a good experience for Avery. She did love the little stuffed Cubbie bear she received with her certificate …

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I don’ wanna Awana

  1. The precious pout, my daughter was the princess of petulant at that age, when she didn’t want to do something her whole body told you so. Great shots. Happy WW, hope you will pop by The Cafe for mine.

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