Fun Monday: Favorite vacations

My favorite vacation has to be spring break 2002. My husband and I had just moved into our first house and we decided to tag along with some friends who invited us on their road trip to Destin, FL. I remember they asked so flippantly. “Wanna go?” And I wonder sometimes if we surprised them with our positive response. We drove through the night and met another couple there, whose younger brother we actually stayed with. The first evening, we celebrated his 21st birthday by watching the sunset on the beach and go-karting. We spent an entire day on a boat in the gulf and the water was beautiful (but cold)! Matt even caught a fish. My favorite part was seeing some dolphins who were playing in our wake and swimming around the boat. We also spent some time at Club La Vela, with college kids on spring break all around us–not our favorite part as it made us feel old (and this was before kids)!

Other favorite vacations include a trip to Las Vegas (two Cirque de Soleil shows with press passes! and a bus ride to Hoover Dam) and Seattle to visit a college friend. While in Seattle, we took a 3-hour boat ride to the San Juan Islands for a day, where we biked and watched for orcas. We also camped one night on the beach near the Pacific shorline and in Olympic National park. And, of course, we saw the Space Needle, the Pikes Place Public Market and the Seattle Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox baseball game.

Thanks to Alison @ RDH Mom hosting this week’s Fun Monday!


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