Oh, boy!

I had one of those days last Friday where I realized I truly had a boy. It was a series of events that required me to clean up after him all day! First, my son got a hold of my daughter’s bottle of water and dumped in the living room. Then, he tipped over the dieffenbachia tree and spilled the dirt. Finally, he used a plastic cup to scoop clean (thankfully!) kitty litter from the original box and dumped that around the kitchen and nearby half-bath. Unfortunately, our shop vac is on the fritz since I tried to vacuum packing peanuts in the basement a while ago, my vacuum hose is dying and the new Shark stick vacuum (which I finally returned today) just doesn’t cut it. So, I cleaned up the old fashioned way: a broom!

This also was the same day that we found out he had broken our digital camera (I’d known it was dropped but I didn’t discover the it-costs-more-to-fix-than-to-buy-a-new-camera button that had popped off until later). I liked our camera so I’m looking to replace it with a similar, but upgraded, one: A720IS. Sigh. It’s definitely been a different experience than when my daughter was a toddler. I’m glad it’s summer so we can spend time outside and let him rip the leaves off trees instead of destroying our things inside!


2 thoughts on “Oh, boy!

  1. If you DON’T let him rip leaves off the trees, it may actually help. Boys have to let out their energy, but they don’t have to be destructive. Indulging in destructive behavior causes it to become a habit—that you will have to deal with next fall. :-)

  2. I feel your pain Sara. I sometimes feel like all I do all day is clean up after a tornado! Today, Mason dumped a bottle of Nate’s water…so I have experienced that exact thing! Plus the boys love making dump piles to play in. =P

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