Birthday party: Finding Nemo

Avery’s birthday is coming up so I thought I would post some birthday party ideas from the past couple years. For her third birthday last year, she picked a Finding Nemo theme.

Green, aqua and orange

Finding Nemo invites and plates from the party store
Aqua table cover and napkins
White generic cups with blue wavy lines
Orange plasticware (I also had some leftover zoo pals plasticware with dolphins)
Orange/green plates/cups from the dollar store for adults
Orange/green/aqua balloons with aqua ribbon
Fish/flower confetti (cut from scrapbook paper) in orange/blue/green
I had Nemo and Flounder (from The Little Mermaid) plushes that I used as centerpieces on the table as well.

Blue raspberry kool-aid mixed with generic Sprite
Multi-colored goldfish crackers and goldfish pretzels in votive bowls (like fishbowls)
Juju fish from Woodmans and gummy clown fish from Candy World
Finding Nemo fruit snacks
Carrot sticks
I also made Aquarium Cups, but as the reviews go on the Krafts site, they didn’t work out that great because the Jell-O was too dark. I used halved grapes and gummy clown fish and juju, which worked though.

For the lunch, my husband (thanks, hon!) made octopus dogs (Hot dogs were cut in half and then sliced halfway up into eight sections. When boiled, they curl up like tentacles. Very cute!) and shells and cheese macaroni.

I kept it simple. I made white cupcakes, spread them with aqua frosting and topped it with clown gummy fish or Nerds (like aquarium rocks).

I borrowed a scrapbooking flower punch from a friend to punch a bunch of flower shapes in the theme colors. I also purchased a box of multi-colored straws, which had blue and green and orange straws in it. I cut them into one-inch sections. I provided blue Sugar ‘n Cream yarn, and moms helped the kids string the straw and flower shapes to make a lei. The kids were young so it was rather difficult for them but they liked them (at least the girls at the party did). I also hid five or so orange “Nemos” I had cut out and had the kids “find” him.

Of course, we needed some options for cooling off since it’s always hot and humid at her birthday, so we had a couple kid pools and a Nemo sprinkler for the kids (and some adults) to run through!

Goody bags
I found goody bags with the theme’s colors in wavy stripes (looked kinda like seaweed) at the party store. Filled it with a sheet of Finding Nemo stickers, leftover plastic rings with dolphlins and turtles etc. (from her second birthday party which was animals), bubbles and random candy.


5 thoughts on “Birthday party: Finding Nemo

  1. I am continuously amazed at how you keep up your blog and your profile and seem to have a great attitude with the kids. I do enjoy reading your blog and catching up on things.

  2. Kerith,
    Yes! I have to admit it’s not mine. I don’t remember where I found it online but someone came up with it before me, so I can’t take credit for that creativity!

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